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Post A.C.M. Skull Masks

So after the "Ghost" look has been over killed by players I decided to quickly get me one of these masks before the craze started all over again.

Now at first I was going to purchase the full face mask

However after some inquries I soon realized that at some fields, policies state that your goggles HAVE TO BE ON TOP OF YOU FACE, aka you could not buy the full face mask and wear your goggles OVER them. With this disappointment I pondered modding a pair to attach to my goggles till I spotted this on AIrsfot Club:

Unlike the first model I found this version of the mask would allow me to wear my goggles and at the same time wear the mask.

Well within a week of purchase I got them. Packaging for them was really flash.

After trying them on for the first time I soon realized that they hurt SO MUCH due to the crappy quality foam inside of the mask. SO I took bike helmet foam and taped it ontop of the original mak's foam till it was comfy to wear.

I soon realized after though that My goggles were propped up above my eyes due to the Mask's peek around the nose area. After looking at the promotional phamplet it came with I put my goggles on first then increased the length of the mask's harness till I could fit the mask OVER my goggles. It worked like a charm and now I'm ready to hit the field with my new look. Just need to add some more foam to the mask so that when it lays against my goggles the plastic wont scratch my lens.

ohya and the harness has what looks to be 2 molle slots.

Overal I give this product a: 8/10

- Cool look
- Cheap
- No malfunctions other then the foam
- Despite plastic feel, it feels quite stronger then I thought

- Original foam sucks, not hard to replace or fix
- harness is hard to adjust at first
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