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I've had CP hold my package from SurplusIG for a week and a half...and then when it got delivered, they tore everything open...seriously...why would they need to slash a hole in a dozen bags of Bastards and then dump everything in a big clear garbage bag. To make matters worse, they never knocked and just put everything in a flimsy cardboard box and left it out in the rain. When I picked up the box, I knew something was off cuz I could hear rattling inside. What do you know, I had a mix of .20/.25/.28s rolling around all mixed up in the box because they didn't even seal up the garbage bag...
why the fuck would they do that?

my post office is a joke, two old native ladies and their dumbass kid, she does deliveries but get this she doesn't fucking deliver. I usually get my mail at round 10am, I'll have a package slip, it'll have the little shit checked off on it saying they came to my door and I didn't answer, bullshit my kitchen is right by the front door and I'm in there from 8am to 10am. so by around eleven I'll go up to the post office with the slip wanting my package and they say it's out on the delivery route still.

So the dumbass girl just take's all the package's loads it up into a jeep and drives around with them to the post boxes their addresses belong to and she put's a package slip in the post boxes, WHY ARE YOU TAKING THEM OUT OF THE GOD DAMN POST OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!?!?! it'd be easier to just leave them there and put package slips in our mail than load them all in a jeep and do the same thing then unload them when she's done! Is she supposed to deliver them or is she just being like a lazy newspaper boy and dumping his route in a dumpster and saying he did it? wouldn't the other ladies notice that ALL the packages are coming back?

It's a small town too, but she doesn't get back till 3pmish, doesn't take that long, I used to read gas meter's here, I had to go into everyhouse's backyard and read the meter and often had to ninja my way in there because everyone here has a rabid dog in their yard, that job only took me 2 hours for the whole town and I had to make a plan for evey house, not everyone in the whole town has a package everyday.

turns out my cop friend has busted her and her boyfriend for public indecency (their fuckin in her jeep! probably on my packages!) multiple time's! she fuckin takes 20min and does her route then goes and picks up her flavour of the week and drives them up to this hill that overlooks the town (stereotypicel eh) and has a 5 hour roll in the canada post package haystack! and I gotta wait for her in the mean time!

one day I'm just gonna park up there, wait till their fully into it, swing the driver door open, hit the hatch release, reach into the back of the jeep and grab my package, and tell her "from now on leave my fucking packages at the post office when you want to get your fuck on, oh ya and dude, you have syphilis"
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.
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