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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
I want your k98.
Too bad walmart pays me insufficiently.
lol I don't think you would have got it anyways, I posted the ad, proof-read it and went to advanced editing to fix a few spelling errors, when the page refreshed I had PM's about wanting to buy it immediatly no haggling lol, I shoulda tacked on an extra $200 If I knew people were that obsessed with the gun lol.

A possible cheaper alternative .50cal could be the M99 snowolf? not an m82 style gun obviously but a Barrett .50 none the less.

aren't those priced at around the same as those cheap dragunov's?

ARES is also coming out with their own M82 which I suspect to be about $3k
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.
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