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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post

There are no good M82/107s in airsoft really.... let's put it that way.
Glorified M16s: socom gear, hurricane conversion kit
poor guns: smokey's m82
am I missing any?
Performance wise both Model of M82 have its pros and cons

Smokey or Garage gun works M82 is a pain in the ass but for a springer it is awesome for it's time, 15 years ago if you want a M82 either you go for teh Smokeys or a pricier custom kit from killer studio which retail about $1800 each from Guns and Guys in HK as for teh smokeys at $1000 at the time it's a better bargain eventhough it's a springer (I used to own one) mind you that that gun is no longer in production and I was 17 when I own it. it is more of a collector Item now than a skirmish gun, The new owner that bought it did field it with extremely great success, with his victim not knowing where that bb comes from and they were also quite surprised at the range.

As for the socom gear it need minor tweaks (barrel spacers and a longer inner barrel) but overall aside from the sheer weight and other minor imperfections they are great AEG to play with. Most of these AEG GBB/springer are mostly for guys who wants something unique in their arsenal Counting the M82 I have 6 long guns that are more than capable to reach out and touch someone down range, it all just boils down to personal preference.
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