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Import verification regarding night vision

hey there. looking at buying an AN/PVS-2 gen1 vietnam era NV scope

why? because it's hilariously huge and reminds me of the funny scope the sniper has in team fortress 2.

I'ts for funnies and using on like an overcast day or something I expect it to be worse than camcorder night vision, don't care about functionality or practicality

I want it because it's a huge scope! the fact that it's NV is only a plus, but also why I'm asking about it crossing the border because at one point with was military tech

I found a few on ebay but all from the states, Canadians are allowed to have up to gen 2 NV correct? so this old thing shouldn't be any trouble should it?

Are we allowed to import gen1 night vision rifle scope's?
Are Americans allowed to export old military NV scopes? I heard some russian chick got arrested and accused as a spy for taking some night vision in her luggage into russia from the states just recently, don't want to cause an international here so I'm asking you guy's

am I all clear?

if not can (or regardless if I can would prefer local, Canada being local) anyone point me in the direction of one (or other hilariously huge scope) already in canada?

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