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S-Thunder Milsim Gear Tests & Reviews

S-Thunder's Milsim gear were given some detailed reviews as follows,

- IROP (USA) :
YouTube- ‪S-Thunder Products Review 2‬‎
YouTube- ‪S-Thunder Airsoft CO2 Adapter, m203 Shell, & Land Mine Demonstration‬‎

- SoftairCenter (Austria) :
YouTube- ‪S-Thunder Granaten Test‬‎

- OddysAirsoft (Ireland) :
YouTube- ‪Airsoft S-Thunder Mines Review‬‎
YouTube- ‪Airsoft Hellfire WarGames Carlow The Patrol Tachyon XC GoPro Hero‬‎

- Red-Dot Magazin (Germany) :
YouTube- ‪S_Thunder_Water_Mine.AVI‬‎

- Recon-Rag (England) :

OddysAirsoft's video also provides the added benefit to players by showing how to tactically place milsim mines in the field to trap opponents effectively.

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