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Originally Posted by Gish View Post
Was that a "setup patrol" or was that really in game though?
I'd really like to know the usefulness in a real world game.
Obviously you need a narrow trail or kill zone fatal funnel and at least 3-4 if you want those to be effective and rack-up a few kills, since someone has to step on them, there is some luck involved, like the real ones.

I can see those set-up, just right after a funnel or kill zone just right behind covers (like wooden structures or metal drums) were people will rush too in order to get cover and protect from incoming fire and that would be their undoing since they will step on a mine... you could get quite a few kills in a set-up like that I am pretty sure!

P.S: By the way I know that they are selling some at the Action 500 proshop in Montreal.
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