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Again, it seems like theres a few minors who are great around the boards.

At 14 it's quite tough but it can be done occasionally. Don't bet on it though, usually it's the areas such as Alberta and Saskatchewan where kids younger than 16 are sometimes allowed to play. With Ontario (a generally firearm "unfriendly" province in built up/urban areas) it will be 16+ usually if minors are allowed to play.

My advice, if you get the urge now it can't hurt to ask but don't be expecting a yes, rather try and get your name out and introduce yourself so you get your foot in the door then if they allow you come back at 16 and you'll have a bit of a head start.

Also don't forget to keep reading the boards and study hard in school. For me school always came first and look at me now, I'm doing pretty good for myself, a student going into 3rd year and I've been selected for an international exchange. Life is pretty good for me and I still get time to airsoft (although lately I've become a "chairsofter" because I have a lot of work to do especially since I'll be living abroad for a year and need money to live and not leech off my host countries' social welfare system).
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