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Originally Posted by Thanh View Post
when I get them, they were lubed and working, but after 1 game they started leaking. How much do you need to lube them? I spray silicone in the valves etc, and it still leaks. Am I suppose to dunk it in a pool full of lube?

Anyway, this is not a debate on whether I should stick with green gas mags or not. I'm simply asking where to buy co2 mags. If you dont want to help me on that, then please stop posting.
indeed, you should disassemble your mag, and soak the orings in lube... or replace them....

But I'm just warning you, Airsoft isnt ready for CO2 yet.... the build material/parts/design are too cheap/weak to withstand the high pressure of that gas... even though you have a NPAS and full metal gun....

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