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It's rare to see a minor actually abiding by the community rules and even though you already have a gun (I'm not going to ask how or why so don't say anything).

May I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the FAQ section and until then wait patiently (or if the itch to get out and play is too strong ask a host nicely).

There's still lots of time before the season shuts down and you have to play at indoor CQB venues so if the host says wait till 18 then it's only a month. Although you can ask the host/admin nicely if you can play and if they say yes then you're all good. Some may set stipulations like parents must be present (either in the safe zone or playing with you on the field) or somesuch (some hosts don't like being "babysitters" while the parents fuck off to wherever they go) and even others only ask a parent be present to sign the waiver.

Good luck and have fun. I have a feeling you'll be a welcome part of the community.
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