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Originally Posted by Matfox View Post
A couple of months ago, my friend had given me his old airsoft gun. I have hardly used it since then. Two weeks ago another friend told me to check you guys out, and I am fully intending to go get age verified and play at events. (in a month when I am 18). But there is one thing I have noticed. The gun that I would probably use the one my friend gave me, is fully black. That means it is not allowed in Canada correct?. As in my opinion the gun works fine and I like it. What I'm wondering is if, would I be able to play with this gun at an event, or would that be not allowed?
YES, you would be able to play with your gun at fields. Its a grey area when it comes to owning a black gun here in Canada. Mostly everyone owns and plays with an all black (including myself) though.

Now since your 18 in a month just wait till then too start playing, you are allowed to play if your under the age however, its ultimately up too the host, your parents, and the workers at the field to decide if you get to play or not.
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