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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
he'd rather stand and shoot (well, sit and pick his ass) at static targets, and I'd rather hang out with some like minded people and friends and run around and have fun for a day, doesn't mean I need to hate on firearm owners though.
Sounds like you already do have a bit.

For me airsoft has it's place as does real shooting. There is just something about recoil, poking the ace, and the smell of gunpowder that does it for me. No airsoft gun can come close to the recoil or the accuracy of a real firearm.

At the same time a real firearm will never have the fun of being able to lawfully shoot your friends over and over, not to mention no full auto for real firearms (although most airsoft guns have insanely rates of fire and nothing like their real counterparts).

You cannot compare the two at all.

P.S. not all my targets are static. I have moving targets. I also hunt! You want something tougher than airsoft? Try stalking a deer!

At the same time isn't there also an IPSC airsoft league as well?

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