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Originally Posted by ouyin2000 View Post
Some of the gun nuts that I've talked to hate paintball just as much as airsoft. They kind of lump us into 1 group of "gun owner wannabees"
Yeah, fuck those arrogant assholes.

They have their toys, we have ours. There really is little reason for any cross over, other than the fact that they look similar, but that doesn't mean anyone needs to have a hate on for the other side. A guy I know says he'd rather 'do the real thing' far as I'm concerned he's too retarded to operate a trigger of any kind, but whatever, he'd rather stand and shoot (well, sit and pick his ass) at static targets, and I'd rather hang out with some like minded people and friends and run around and have fun for a day, doesn't mean I need to hate on firearm owners though.
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