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Ssshh don't tell them it's airsoft

I find that most real firearm owners seem to have a hate on for airsoft. Hell, don't even mention airsoft on CGN! I find that weird since we are having the same sort of fight for airsoft that they are having for their real guns. They'll talk about realistic, full auto, pellet guns but yet airsoft is a real no-no.

Well I think I've broken the ice with my King Arms M203! You cannot purchase a real 40mm M203. The closest is a Spike's Tactical Launcher in 37mm and it costs $500 plus taxes. Then the only thing you really can shoot are 12 gauge bear bangers and flares if you bought the 12 gauge adapter. You can reload practice grenades but that requires a special license.

So I picked up an airsoft M203, Madbull XMHP4 shell, Madpull CO2 adapter, and some practice golf balls and mounted the M203 to my Bushmaster XM15-E2S (real steel). I've been simply calling the M203 "C02 Powered" instead of "airsoft" and people have been pretty interested to say the least.

I've had the thing out on the range already and had more than a couple strangers come up and want to try it. I've posted pictures of the setup on CGN and even have people in Alberta threaten to come over for a visit just to try it.

Now if I could just shoot an airsoft rifle for as cheap as my .22 then I'd start converting plinkers over to that too
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