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I've had CP hold my package from SurplusIG for a week and a half...and then when it got delivered, they tore everything open...seriously...why would they need to slash a hole in a dozen bags of Bastards and then dump everything in a big clear garbage bag. To make matters worse, they never knocked and just put everything in a flimsy cardboard box and left it out in the rain. When I picked up the box, I knew something was off cuz I could hear rattling inside. What do you know, I had a mix of .20/.25/.28s rolling around all mixed up in the box because they didn't even seal up the garbage bag...
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Unstep your dick and stay in your lane. You are waaaaay out.
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Saying that you are trying to prevent bad Airsoft publicity while generating negitave Airsoft publicity on a nationally monitored Firearm web site is like fucking for Virginity.
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