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Ohhh, seen! Yes, from the "collector" standpoint the PRC-77 is a nice bit of kit, and you'll be happy with one as long as you get it in working order. Even if it's busted, they are easy to fix as it predates integrated circuits and it's made up of plug and play modules for easy repair in the field.

To answer your original question then now that we've got that straight; you should not have a problem bringing one of these into the country. If you are a little hesitant, have the seller label it as a "collector's item" "non-functional" on the customs paperwork.

Regarding the "but if I use a radio not approved for use in Canada, won't the police come and beat me if I turn it on?";

As long as you are not interfering w/ other transmitters who have that part of the spectrum allocated you will be fine. Industry Canada is the agency responsible for spectrum allocation/enforcement up here and unless you are screwing with other transmitters (cell sites, airport beacons, police channels etc) they are not going to bother with you.

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