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This might be interesting but I just did a search and it looks like HFC has just disappeared off the face of the earth.

"Ho Feng Corporation" is the full name and they seem to be a subsidiary of "Ho Feng Industry Co. Ltd." based out of Taipei (Taiwan). The website is non functioning (

See for yourself:

Note at the bottom of the page the products they make includes Air B.B. Guns, Gas B.B. Guns which leads me to believe this is a parent company to HFC.

ALSO. And this is BIG. But HFC seems to be affiliated with SRC (Star Rainbow Company) in some way. I'm not sure how (maybe one of the owners or something owned HFC from before or it's a shoot off company with engineers leaving and starting their own company) but it's probably worth checking out deeper.

In short probably useless information but it might be worth checking out that lead and seeing if SRC may possibly have a hop up that works with HFC. Or you know, go the easy route and order from Evike but be prepared to threaten chargebacks (make up some form letters threatening chargebacks or something) if you don't get your shit.
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