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Dood!!! I'm about to make one too. We can have a race

I want to make a recessed one if possible, if not, just stick to a big ass box sticking out of my wall.

Here's the plan:

Start with a wooden frame, detailing the face with a router most likely. (Or use trim from rona)
The back would be covered with aluminum diamond plating for a nice rugged look. (The stuff on firetrucks wooowoooowoooo)
aluminum diamond plate.JPG
Place the hooks horizontally so the ejection port side can be displayed. (Sexier side of the gun IMO)
For a cover, I wanted to get some steel mesh and fashion a split door with a lock on it.
steel mesh.JPG

To top it all off, wire some low watt halogens in there to make it the elephant in the room.

Will post pics once this project gets up and running.

Any suggestions would be nice too.
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If you were trying to insert a magazine into another magazine then I guess that would be indeed ghey. Inserting a magazine in a magwell seems rather hetero to me. The tape is merely metro, calling it ghey is rather absurd and makes it hard for the metro magazines to socialize with other magazines.

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