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Review - Brunton Inspire portable power supply and Brunton Explorer portable solar panel

Reserved for upcoming review - 17 day trip with multiple pieces of electronics (iTouch/iPod Nano, Digital SLR, Netbook, GPS) that won't always have access to 12v/120v. Looking to go completely off-grid with the ability to repower all my electronics. After the trip, this gear will go into my BoB.


Initial comments:

The Inspire is really tiny and light - about the size of a pack of smokes, and will allegedly repower a iPhone 3-4 times without recharging. Solid - not going to break from a drop onto concrete - heavy ABS body with rubberized coating. Easily fits in my Versipack Jumbo's hidden CCW pocket. Has included USB/MiniUSB cable for both charging and recharging.

Explorer is a bit larger, again fits in Jumbo Versipack with no issues. Folds up into a package slightly larger than a big wallet - would easily fit in the cargo pocket of BDU's with room to spare. Heavy duty nylon outer - 600D Cordura?


Initial cost:

Brunton Inspire: $59.99 @ Cabelas

Brunton Explorer: $79.99 @ Cabelas
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