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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Different retailers can set whatever prices you wish. Sorta like why is Kraft Dinner 79 cents at Walmart and $1.49 at Sobeys? In some cases some retailers source direct from the manufacture and some retailers are only able to source through a distributor, so in that instance prices will reflect.

You stated you were in the accounting field. Which designation do you hold? CA? CGA? Or are you working towards a designation?
I appreciate your comment TokyoSeven; but before stating out the obvious nature of retail business, take a look back at the original post that I have written. The gun prices in Canadian shops are much more expensive (and with a reason), and I was wondering if there is a specific reason why the tactical gear is expensive as well. Is it the small market size, is it the scarcity, or something else at work?

Working towards a designation right now btw. And yes, I do programming (occationally)

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