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Here's what I have...
medic pouch - bbs, loader, snacks, zip ties, misc stuff
backpack - old basic cheapo first aid kit (bandaids and 5 yr old dried out antiseptic towellettes).

DO Better than's ass backwards and probably not helpful at all.

Plan for:
- headaches, allergies
- stop bleeding from cuts/gashes
- clean cuts/scrapes
- sprained ankles/wrists

(Respectfully, I disagree with Kokanee that it's not worth it for individual players to have that stuff...I think each/every person should and should know how to address basic first aid.)

Unless you're qualified and practiced don't bother bringing other stuff...ensure that the field has first aid kits and a way to contact emergency services. Ensure that there are persons designated as first responders and that game control has those aspects covered (no duff, comms, etc...). If those things are missing bitch, whine and gripe until it's taken care of....give the organizers hell if they're not covering that stuff.

Mental scarring's probably better to have Darkangel perform CPR on you vs. dying...maybe. Play'd never want to be in that situation
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