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Few questions from a complete newbie.

Hello everyone.

Since I am not only new to the Airsoft Canada forums but new to airsoft itself as well, I thought it would be best to start by posting a few question first. Of course I have read the FAQs and searched the information center sections, but some of these questions are as ridiculous as they can be - and as of now I am uncertain if I will be participating in airsoft activities at all; these questions will let me decide for sure, so bear with me please. (Although I must admit that since using the forums is quite limited as a non-age verified member, might as well just pay a visit at Army Issue in about 3 hours and get it done right away - even if I don't end up playing airsoft, getting a nice pair of boots or cargo pants doesn't sound like a bad idea at all)

Legal issues: I have went through the entire thread Airsoft and Canadian Law but I must say, I am getting even more confused after reading it. I have got the impression that airsoft guns are classified as replica firearms on papers and the actual application of the Canadian law is more of a case-by-case matter. Seems like I can purchase an airsoft gun without a firearms license, however it needs to be concealed when carrying and using is only permitted in certain areas such as designated fields. Am I right so far?

Translucent gun body / full metal: Well, the orange tips aren't an issue in Canada; but what about the guns without a semi-transparent body? And to an extent, the full metal ones? I know that members here are carrying these - but is it legal?

Gear pricing: The retailer section is open for age verified only (although that should be not much of a problem after visiting Army Issue today) so I had to dig through some of the reviews and the gear retailer section to see where the gears and clothings are sold at. What came to my attention is that some of the websites are selling the (seemingly) same type of gear at vastly different prices. Take the modular chest rigs or modular vests for example - the pricing may go up twofold or threefold compared to US/Asian stores when they are of the same brand. I am not trying to criticize the stores, and I understand the reasoning behind guns being expensive due to customs and such; just wanted to know why the prices differ so much.

Thanks in advance!

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