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Originally Posted by who101 View Post
just say "yes" or "no" if yes you got them from the classifieds then I will shut up, suck in my gut, wait 3 yrs till I am 18, get AV'ed, then buy it. If "no" then would please kindly tell me wear you got this gun
this is not some govermant consparicy
this is AirSoft Cannada, not Area 51
so you don't have to be a hard a*s
you are not a goverment agent
Keep this attitude up you're be up in the banned list.

FYI, feel free to search my post two years past. I wasn't better than any other newbies out there back then. I got flamed and hated before. I could name a few, most of those hate stop when you start being productive and stop being annoying. (av helps as it tell you're committed).
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