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Goggles Must be Under.

+1 on mesh goggles. We did a firing line to test out the ACM Mesh Goggles, at 1 ft distance, I fired 40+ rounds from my 525 fps BA (Chronied with .2s, but used .3 Bastards for the test). In addition to that my 390fps M14, same distance, same BB weight, 2 lowcap mags (approx 125 rds) on semi and full auto as well as another 200+ rounds from various AEGs.

The mesh is dented to shit (expected with that kind of range). But there is almost no visible sign of fatigue (other than dents) the mesh goggles STILL hold strong, and are still safe to use even after that much abuse.

I much prefer shooters glasses, but on humid days, mesh is supreme.

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