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Cqb newbies: Read this

Taken from, written by people in the real world gun slinging. Please read this if you participate in CQB games. Makes for more fun.


It seems lately that the norm among Tac Teams has become “more is better”. The more MOLLE on something the better it must be, and in concert with this, I must fill up all my MOLLE with Pouches. A thought process, while profitable for the million new companies that sell everything up to and including tactical ass paper, is not necessarily practical.

I agree there are certain necessities to add to the vest dependent on your position on the team. Flashbang pouches, ammo pouches, are some obvious ones but the filling of a vest just because you can, could hinder you. Just because it has MOLLE or Velcro, doesn’t make it tactical. The whole reason behind MOLLE is that you can add what you need.

Lately, any swinging dick can take some green cordura nylon and put a fast-tek buckle on it and keyboard commandos will buy it. It becomes about showing the other guys on your Team that you are an internet pathfinder who can find the “latest and greatest”.

Next time you are about to click the “purchase” button on one of those sites, sit back, count to ten, and decide if you really need it. Save your pennies from the crap that you would have bought and invest in better quality necessities.

Most Tac Teams are doing entries on houses or apartments. Maybe the important thing should be deciding if I am going to be able to move quickly, unobstructed and access everything that I could possibly need. Take a look at some of the Tier 1 operators, their vests are bare bones, because they have realized that speed and comfort are more important than that second “admin” pouch with a notebook and two more flashlights.

In a stack with a bunch of other guys, trying to get in the door past a breacher, and cutting into your corner, is that tricked out vest going to get you hung up? Wear your vest in training and see how it feels with the bare minimum and then add as you need to or want to. When the door comes open and the bang goes off is not the time to figure that the vest ain’t going to cut it.

A Level IV vest is heavy enough, why hinder yourself? You may be in a stagnant position for an extended period of time and adding to the discomfort is not a great idea. Think about after standing or squatting for an extended period of time, what are my shots going to look like. After all, that is what really matters. When the shit has hit the fan and you have to be smooth and precise, is your body saying “thanks for all the extra weight dumbass.” The first point of cover is accurate fire.

Learn the location of your necessities and practice accessing them. On a mission is not the time to learn you have no idea how or where you have set up your magazines. Practical setup will also allow you to trim the fat off the vest. Accessibility is everything under pressure and the muscle memory needs to be there because your mind will be on other things.

Bottom line: A vest is a tool just like everything else you have. Know yours and set it up for you. It can be a hindrance if you let it, so train with it just like you would your handgun. “Sweat in training so you don’t bleed in the fight”

~Brian O.
Contributing Correspondent
Brian O. has been a police officer for nine years, he is currently on a fugitive task force and has served on the SWAT team for the last four years. He served in a Ranger Battalion in the Army.

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