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screen type goggles?

So I ordered a couple screen style face masks one is the "army of 2" style mask. Wondering about anyones experience with these. I hear all the time woirries about the safety of these things from bb's (particularily bios) breaking and spraying "schrapnel" into your peepers. However, I haven't been able to find any actual data or issues with this happening. Therefore, I turn to the intellect of the members on here to see if anyone has any actual first hand negative experience with any of the "screen type" goggles. Not "I heard from a guy who knows a guy" or "I heard on the interwebs" but actual knowledge.

I plan to try a little safety test on them myself when they come in, but am not sure what to place behind the eye pieces to represent eyes. (no I wont use the dog). I Thought about ballistic gel but that might be too hard. Anyway my novel here is done. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!
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