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Originally Posted by Jamo-420 View Post
I recently picked up the CA90 TR and so far I am having major acuracy problems. even with the extended inner barrel i cant hit a pop can from 30 feet away. U can c how this extreamly frustrating, especialy when my oponents have extreamly accurat guns. Iv never seen another P90 in action, but i asumed when i bought it that the bbs wher soposed to fly in the ditection you point the gun. instead i get about 2 seconds of compleatly random spray before any kind of consistancy is produced. this is my first pro gun and i feel like im missing vital details. wtf.
This should be in the Doctor's Corner not in a review...... But seeing as I'm trying not to freakout on beginners, here's what I suggest you do.

1) Adjust your hop up
should be a trap door underneath the gun's handle that reveals it. Turn right or left till it is shooting straight or hitting a consistant spot on the target. This is what I have a feeling is your problem, try this, if nothing works then.... proceed to the next steps

2) DO NOT USE ANY walmart or canadian tire bbs. They are horrible quality and will destroy the guns internals. Use bbs from Velocity Arms, BB Bastards, etc, (May have to get Age Verified to see certain sections for bbs. Just do some research on google or on the forums about good bbs)

Don't really know what else could be your problem, just wait for other people to reply
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