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BB Bastard for sure.

I tried Goldenball .20's as cheap "Chrono" bb's.. and they were jamming left and right.

Bastards aren't produced in Canada to keep costs competitive... If they were made in Canada, there's no way that the price could be kept reasonable. However, the BB Bastard Company is a good Canadian company and your purchase DIRECTLY improves the quality of airsoft related products to Canada

which has a better sphere?

I'd say Bastards... The Goldenball BB's I've tried kept Jamming

air bubbles if any?

Goldenball has a pretty awful bubble, Bastards (depending on weight) have a very small one in the very center.

quality control?

BB Bastard hands down, if you find a problem in the bag you get a brand new bag for free

and any other things i should know?

Bastards are superior

and finally what one would you suggest using, if you have tried both?

... I think it's obvious what my choice is. I sell bastards among many other things.. but I will not sell something that I wouldn't feel comfortable using myself... and I'm INCREDIBLY picky about the quality of things
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