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I'll say this. Being young and inexperience is something that we all went through. So don't let that get you down, we're saying you're an idiot but it's a good thing that you actually take the time to listen and contemplate this advice unlike most other minors that we see here. If you play your cards right and introduce yourself to the local scene (just ask nicely if you can sit in on a game) you'll find that a lot of doors will open up for you. First day might just be a meet and greet and playing as a spectator or as a camera man. If people decide after that "hey this kid is pretty good and asks a lot of thoughtful questions, maybe we should loan him a gun next time and let him play" then you're pretty much in and it's smooth sailing from there (but you still have to have a good attitude and be well behaved).

For me I would take the posts here to saying that yes you should buy quality to a point. Would you buy a solidly built rally car just for daily driving? Probably not so the same goes for airsoft and other hobbies. Basically you don't "need" to buy a PTW or something like that but it's always nice to have. What you need is something reliable and within a reasonable budget. I suggest that the $400-550 budget is a good start (that is gun only, maybe a few mid/low cap mags and a cheapo red dot scope). After that, your paintball goggles can be used for airsoft, and if you have BDU's and they're relatively clean and stain free from the paint then put them on and bring whatever else you think you need (first time might be OK to store mags in your pockets but it's better to get a vest or belt to hold your mags afterwards maybe you can ask if anyone is selling an extra vest and borrow/buy it off them).

Do I "need" to buy a Selmer sax when I was in my high school band? Probably not since I'd only be playing for a few years. Did I but the cheapest POS sax that was available? No. I ended up buying an off brand which was pretty good and I tried it out and really liked the tone, I pretty much got it for a steal but the only problem was that the metal I wasn't sure what it was made of and seemed to be kind of thin/cheap and really easily malleable but who am I to complain if the tone is really nice.
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