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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
an FYI, this is a fairly biased comment. If you look at TM objectively next to JG you'll realize the only real difference is TM's higher quality control in the factory. I (as a gun doc) can't bring myself to spend the 2x the cash just for a gun that is 1/10 as likely to break when the cheaper one + replacement parts is still cheaper. (however if you factor in gun doc costs then maybe higher but it's free for me)

I'm very very close to this (and I've just entered the ring as gundoc) .. as I see every stock gun entering my collection as the start of a project. I pretty much never buy something to leave it stock and game it. I just picked up a clone M14 because I liked the stock, the guts are being completely replaced, and I knew that buying it.

the only thing I could think of performance wise I would consider leaving stock and gaming is the TM pistols ..leaving modifications for when something breaks

that being said.. I put together a nearly stock TM mp5 for a friend, and it still rocks over other heavily upgraded guns, the parts fit, hop up etc are fantastic.

so all I'm saying in this long winded post (lol) is yes you get what you pay for, TOTAL .. if you cheap out on the gun, your gonna pay for it later in upgrades and/or gundoc costs. however that only goes to a point, my M14 should be side by side to an upgraded TM m14 but it'll cost less
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