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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
you forgot to mention solders and firemen
We have Firefighters

Originally Posted by Sbradshaw View Post
and morticians
Something nags me, I've dealt with coroners here adn one of the Booth babes was studying Motician ology, yeah right what ever those creepy bastards call it

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Anyone else doing (or studying) Geography/GIS or is it just me?

What about Teachers (I think I heard one member mention that he was but that was kind of in passing)? I know we have a few engineers but what about some of the "rarer" ones that don't seem to get all the glory? Geo Eng., Physics Eng. ("Fizzers"), Materials, Mining, ChemE?

Any Addictions counsellors (a major that seems to be dominated by girls, at least at my school)?

I know there's pilots and most likely some "Ramp Rats" as well but what about ATC guys?

Librarians? (Funnily enough I'm considering doing an Masters of Library Science at UBC once I'm finished my current degree).

What about Brew Masters and Viticulturists (wine makers)?

I could go on and on but I'd like to see some people post up some odd or interesting careers (that is if they're comfortable with sharing such info).
What about Teachers
Yes we have a few teachers,

Any Addictions counsellors
Brian started a company for Airsoft & Gear Addiction

What about Brew Masters and Viticulturists
I make wine and theres a few brewers I know are out there.

Librarians, really? They're a freaky wild bunch AS is too tame.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
No politician will get publicly involved in a game like this. The smear scandal and tom Foolery and Fuckary that go on would be too much like work.
That said we have Lawyers from both sides of the Ailse.

I'm not outting anyone in this thread, I just think its interesting to see that there are so many walks in this game I'm trying to nail down the folks we don't have So we know who to look for.
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