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Originally Posted by michael43 View Post
Well yeah I know airsofts not new to me ive had parts siezed at the borders before, and yeah ive been age verified on this site but i have no idea where to go, ive been playing airsoft for four or so years, although ive been on this site for only like fifteen days so i have no idea where to go on this site
You may be miss-understanding what being age verified means. That means you meet up with an officer of this site and present approved photo identification that you are 18 years old, or older. Once that is done your log in permissions are changed to let you access retailers and other sellers that have normal AEGs like you'd get in almost any other country.

If you've already met with a verifier and are waiting for that to go live they usually do a batch a week so you may go live any time. In the meantime pull up your settings and put in where you live, that will let the locals know about you and they can tell you about games or other regional events.
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