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Deffinately not worth your time or money to order from outside Canada (if you even live in Canada you haven't filled in your data so for all I know your from Craplakistahn). Your odds of getting a gun or certain parts through customs are 1 in 1000. It will be seized and your name will be flagged so you will pay a fat customs handling fee everytime after you order stuff from outside the country even on legit items. Not worth it. best advice fill out your location details and contact a Rep in your area. Maybe they will let you hang around and learn some things, but it is against the rules for anyone on here to provide you with info on how to obtain airsoft guns unless you are 18+ and age verified. It's nothing personal, but rules are rules. Keep an eye on the forums read the FAQ's and watch what other people are talking about you will get a good idea of what to buy when you are able and you will learn tons about the sport and people on here. For example I have learned that TokyoSeven has the patience of a chess playing super computer. best of luck amigo and welcome to ASC.
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