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Don't think you won't get caught as well. There was a fellow from Barrie that was arrested for smuggling firearms.

Keep note that any crime committed with a replica (including cap guns and water pistols (if you paint it black)) would be treated as if it were with a real weapon.

Another person was arrested for plinking in his backyard. So you're not safe there either. In this case it was because he lived in a relatively built up area and it was against city bylaws to discharge something or other (paintball, airsoft, pellet, crossbows and such included in this), I believe his guns were seized and he was charged with a bylaw violation but thats all I know. Note that if you're in the sticks then you can plink pop cans and have a rifle for pest control but in most cities its been decided that you can't (except for areas specifically zoned for such use) and will be charged with a bylaw violation.
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