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Red, I'm sorry but buying airsoft weapons at your age is kind of worthless. Why you may say ?

-You won't be able to play on most field if your not 18+ and Age verified.

-Age verifying means you need to be 18+

-We consider that playing with your gun in the wood or in the back of your house to be dangerous and should not be attempted. So where will you shoot it ?

-You should inform yourself of all the security rules and law information we have on the forum concerning airsoft. The post you need to read are called Stickys.
A first read should be this .

-By getting age verified when your 18 you won't get ripped by seized gun and lose all your money. Trust me and trust the other member, the chances of getting a gun from the us in the mail has been pretty much close to nothing.

-Act wisely on the forum, don't be childish, don't spam, don't start post on the forum asking where you can get GUNZZZ when your under age because no one will help you. A lot of people have waited to be 18 to get age verified and start to play.

Good luck

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