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ak74u help

hey so i just got a cyma ak74u and i have a couple of questions for any of you guys with experience with these.

1. is this stock compatable for it?
they say its out of stock but im hoping mabey they will get more.
its a Dboys 74 stock but i hear the Dboys and Cyma ak74u are pretty compatable with one another.

2. im looking to add this silencer
i need an inner barrel and not sure on the length? would it be easiest to go with a 229mm as an extra 30 to make it go to the end of the silencer would be harder to find?

3. im looking for ris/ras handgaurd for it does anyone know where i can find one i thought there was one on ehobby but i must keep missing it.

thanks for all the help;
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