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Ess TurboFan and G&P Special forces tactical goggles review

Let's start by saying I have major sweating problems and also awesome fogging issues on the field. I have bought the G&P one month ago and the Ess a week ago.


Lets start with the TurboFan, they are for me the highest quality of goggles i've ever had in my hand. Video on youtube proves em' to be able to take a .22 shot at a close range without breaking. The fan was probably what I needed the most for my fogging issues. Awesome Visibility. They look and are Rock Solid.

I bought the goggles from R. Nicholls at an awesome price of 128.00 $ taxes included (Do not send me Pm to tell me how I got them at this low Price, My best friend works there). Rnicholls even offer a 10 % rebate on anyone who is in the Army or Law enforcement. Went to pick them up at the Longueuil warehouse.

The box contained:

-The goggles
-Annother lense (smoke)
-cleaning tissue
-A molle bag for the goggles

Let's take a look at the fan.

It is situated on top of the goggle. It's about 15mm of diameter and is powered by a standard 1,5 Volt battery. The button on the back of the strap has 3 different settings: Off / Low power / High power .

Now my impressions.

I started running outside under the hot sun with the goggles on and started sweating pretty fast. The fan was set to off and I quickly started noticing fog forming in the goggles. I setted the fan to low and MAGIC, the fog started going away pretty quickly. The sound produced by the fan on low makes almost no sound whatsoever. The High setting makes quite a lot of noise but you would be surprised by how it removes fog in no time.


These goggles are worth the price I paid em. They are absolutely all I needed for playing airsoft. 100 % Safe for eye protection also.

I rate them 10/10

The G&P Special forces tactical Goggles


I bought them about a month ago for a game because I was dead tired of the fogging and smoke goggles I used before. I first have to say that you shouldn't really compare them to the ESS because they are not the same grade of goggles. I got the G&P and Fogtech from technology Direct. I was quite impressed with how fast they shipped the box and I recieved them. Paid 42.99 (without taxes) which is pretty cheap.

First impressions

They look O.K. but seems kind of fragile. They do not fit my round face quite good but they will do for the game. I applied Fogtech on them and tried to fog em without being able to.

(Copied from Technology Direct)

Flexible, shatter-resistant & lighter than traditional goggles.
Crystal clear lens for maximum visibility.
Special "drilled out" lens design provides better ventilation
3mm PC Glasses Thickness, rated to withstand high impact.
Perfect for use with Kelver Helmet.
Adjustable & elastic belt strap.
Colour: Black
BONUS: Free microfiber cleaning cloth included!

After Game Report
Thats where the bad part starts. Applied more fogtech to the glasses and was still fogging quite a lot. The goggles after a long time use were kind of annoying and not comfortable for my round face. I couldn't see anything and had to get out of the field to remove them and defog them. My partner told me they looked *Fugly* on me. Also after one time use the foam was FUBAR. I needed to apply glue to them because the foam was all unglued. I was not impressed by G&P at all. I ended throwing them in the closet. The good part is that they are cheap and probably will do fine for a person who does not sweat like me. I could see a big difference when the Fogtechs (used 5 in total in the game) were applied tough, but it was just not enough for me. They resisted the BBs quite good Almost no scratch on them after getting shot many times.


Why such a high note to glasses I hated? They are cheap, Someone not like me wouldn't probably fog them as much as I do. The glasses are quite resistant for the price.

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