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There are only the following mags available for the P90:

Low-Cap (some will consider these mid caps) - 68rds, made by Tokyo Mauri, Echo1, KS, Classic Army, and other crappy china clone companies. Contain fake bullets

Mid-Caps - 170 rds (however the rule of thunmb for mid caps are that you don't fill it to the max limit and it should run more efficiently EX. Fill to 150 rds not 170), made by MAG, Silverback, Pro-arms, other crappy chine cloone companies. Either transparent or Black, no fake bullets

High-Caps - 300 rds (have to wind for a bit before you use, known to be good and bad for everyone who use them), made by Tokyo Mauri, Echo1, Classic Army, KS, and other crappy chine clone companies. Transparent, needs winding, no fake bullets

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