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Originally Posted by disasterarea View Post
I was just looking around on, and I notice that they've got "full metal" and "full black" guns for sale now. My understanding was that only Mach1 and some other site I cannot recall the name of had been permitted to import full colour/metal guns. Where the hell are Buyairsoft getting them?
You need a special permit.

It's strange low you can't import full metal lower receivers legally, or is consider to be much harder to import then importing a full metal gun.

I talked to one of Mach1 retailers ( and they told me that they can import any gun full metal or full black for a decently high price range. To be honest this bothered me a little because I just bough a $600 Clear lower gun(G&P M4 GBBR RIS)!

Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
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