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Need some advice on moron friend and dumb tard softing.

***Note to n00bs like myself: the person of whom I speak is an irresponsible idiot and is not representative of the airsoft community as a whole***

A friend of mine has organized a bit of an airsoft game/camping trip out in the woods near a camping site; on crown land for late August. According to him, when he made the reservations, they only told him not to play paintball on camp grounds and therefore should be fine with playing airsoft there.
Now, my friend is rather shortsighted and tends to not think things through. Instead of chronoing the guns, he's stated that all guns will be shot into the owner's back from 5 feet away and says that if it were to break skin, he would deem it too strong. (I wish I was joking.) He has also not instituted any real safety gear regulations when it comes to eye protection or anything else.
From what I've gathered, all the guns that will be used are clear plastic and that his DPMS Panther would probably be one of the most expensive guns there. I decided to pretty much steer clear of the event as it seems to embody nearly everything the general airsoft community dislikes.
(This guy's 20, fyi, so it's not like he's underage and shouldn't be expected to try and act responsibly.)
Since I'm still very new to airsoft as a whole, my friend dismisses my advice to rethink the event a bit. So, in an effort to try and persuade him into being a bit less reckless, could I get some answers from some more experienced members of the airsoft community to the following questions:

Is there any danger of being arrested/ getting in trouble with the police if my group of friends play airsoft on crown land? (Provincially, Ontario. A few hours northwest of Toronto, if I remember correctly. Any provincial legislation would be helpful knowledge)

How dangerous are .20 BBs from 5 feet away when directed at the spine/neck if fired from cheap, generic clearsoft guns? (Think CT or Walmart)

What kind of eye protection would be recommended for an airsoft game? (What protection standard is used in general?)

Am I right to steer clear of this event as it currently stands because I think it'll turn me off of airsoft games?

Thank you for reading;
I need to state again that my friend should not be thought of as a representative of airsoft, responsibility or proper planning.
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