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Ok, I didn't know G&P had that kind of reputation. Sounds good to me!

Seeing how the price of the internal parts are, is there a good place to buy the parts from? Also, wouldn't it be easier to buy a whole Prometheus gearbox and just put it in a G&P gun o avoid the trouble of a gun doc?

Another question: would you recommend using high torque motor and gear over the standards to save a bit of battery? Also is there anyway to turn off the full auto feature on a standard aeg? So it only shoots semi and safety? My airsoft group is planning on giving SPR the same fps as bolt action, that way I could have the fps a little higher and use heavier bbs for wind control(am I right about weight = better against windage)?

You talked about cleaning the inner barrel, how often should I do that? And is it important to do? What about the gearbox, how often should I clean that? If there is a reliable cleaning guild you awesome people know and wouldn't mind telling me, I would love to read it.

Off topic:
gas bolt action

Is there a big performance differenece between a spring and gas bolt action?
What is the effective range on the m700 if the fps is lowered to 450? Most review I found is in the interest of using this gun as a down range/ target practise gun. So that's like shooting over 500 fps which in my point of view, unless and not helpful. If you have any idea, please let me know!

Also, what make a person a gun doc aside from knowing where everything goes and how the gun works? I know there are a lot of gun doctors out there but I just hate how long they take and the cost of their work is just
mind blowing!
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