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Originally Posted by M.Garcia View Post
There are a ton of retailers. Do some research, we aren't going to spoon feed you.
This is the newb tank, learn to spoon feed or get out. If you dont feel like assisting in answering questions then feel free to not post in here.

Originally Posted by tiberian288 View Post
I wasn't sure if this should have went into the FAQs section but i just wanted to confirm that shipping things like accessories such as Vests, Pouches, Mags, sights (Holo) and other things like that will be able to come through the border with little to no trouble from a place like airsoftgi.
Clothing such as BDU or boots and equipment like vests and pouches generally are not an issue. Although I do not believe airsoft GI deal with or ships to Canada. As stated above items like magazines are importable unless they have fake rounds that are visible. There are certain items that are export restricted however I do not believe that this will be an issue for you since they rare, extremely expensive or military related niche items that have no use in airsoft.

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