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Originally Posted by burnfly View Post
well i am buying this airsoft from shootsoft should i ?
i though SRC was a decent brand?
and the price is not bad compare to G&G
I own a SRC AKS-74U(Not a 47 but...close enough) and i would not change it for the world...unless i got a RS(Realsword > world).I use a Intellect 9.6v Stick battery and a 9.6v Nunchuk Battery(Had to make the wiring longer so it would fit properly.
Just stay away from Shootsoft entirely. Go to a local Hobby shop and they "should" have some knowledge on batteries/chargers. You can most likely purchase a decent charger from them...DONT buy Universal Chargers.

Also get AV'd. It takes like a week or two to get access but it opens up such a bigger world.

I also own a G&G MP5-A5...all i can say is...Dont purchase it.

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