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AEG like a BA? Delima(kind of)...

Hey everyone!!!...

Lately I've been getting an itch for sniper rifles... But I can't see myself using a BA... So the solution I came up with is to upgrade my M16 into... wait for it... A long range rifle!...

My other AEG is based lean towards ROF, max out with everything I know! I sacrifice my accuracy and spread to achieve this(I know I don't have to, but I'm saving money). Now I'm going to create one that's totally opposite!

I'll give up ROF and my cheapness for long range(not necessarily more FPS but the limit here is 425fps for AEG) tight-grouping and reliability on each bb's flightpath..

My base model is ICS M16 with modify upgrades with a S110 spring(also modify). Not the best, but it's what I got.

I'm not too sure where to go after these upgrades:

6.03 tightbore
better hopup bucking/rubber

Any advise, comment, or just anything you want to toss my way please do, I'm here to learn as well!

PS: let's hope this project won't screw me over like my last ICS attempt.

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