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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Some newbies come here and say they only want to invest $150 in a gun.. and that they only want to do it to “try out the sport” in case they don't like it, or a host of other excuses.
Well being a newb to the sport myself, I was a little leary about spending $300 to $1000 on a gun to just try the sport. However fortunately for me I live in an area where there are quite a few airsofters out there. And like many people not everybody has a weekend off or what have you. So for the entire event a buddy of mine lent me a gun, molly vest etc. So really to "TRY" the sport cost me nothing but $5 bucks for the field fee. I got to try out a variety of different guns, from others at the event.
A day out, and a newb like me will know whether or not they love the sport or not. So I agree pissing away $150 or even $30 bucks for pos walmart or canadian tire gun would be stupid.
Two weeks later and I just got my first aeg, and HAPPILY spent $600. and another 200 or so on some start up gear. sadly thats all I could by at the moment.
Well I wouldn't call someone an elitist because they want to drop $2000 on equipment, practical maybe. I'd reserve an elitist comment for someone who goes out of there way to have the exact load out as a specific military or whatever unit. Or those who only do mil-sim, maybe.
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