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Requesting info on SRC ak47 and G&G mp5

hi i am a ex-paintballer which i have stop using because of the cost of paintball and the lack of place where i can play.
i got a cheap walmart m4 airsoft that i am about to break in half and i want to buy a decent airsoft my dream was the real sword type56 but a bit too pricey.
so now i found this SRC ak47 and this G&G mp5 but it is out of stock
i like the ak better but it don't have blowback and it don't come with a battery and charger and it say that it is 11.1v lipo ready is it really ready and will last or is it just advertising and it will break in no time? and can i use normal nimh battery in that gun if so what would be the strongest one i could put to keep inside what the gearbox can handle and that could fit in that gun size wise because those battery are bigger right?
so my question is which gun is better and if i buy the ak47 what battery kit should i buy normal nimh or lipo 11.1v
thank you
and sorry for my bad English



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