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You installed something incorrectly. Unless you're a pro star and KNOW your wiring skills, ALWAYS use a multimeter to check continuity before attaching any battery, unless you want it exploding or burning beside your face.

Use a multimeter to find the short circuit and fix it. Remove ALL sharp edges in close contact to the wiring.
You might also want to check the battery to see if it's still usable, but I'd personally throw batteries out once that happens. ESPECIALLY if any of the cells have swollen.

If you blew up a fuse, then this wouldn't have happened. Fuses are there to protect the circuit. It's SUPPOSE to pop if there's a short circuit happening, so that the circuit is immediately opened and current flow is stopped right away.
If this happened, then you either DON'T have a fuse, OR the short circuit is occurring before the fuse.

I've seen sooo many poorly wired Crane stock setups, that I'm not even surprised to hear your situation. I'm actually more surprised that people still attempt this without fully knowing electrical handling. Electricity can HARM you if improperly handled! (It can also damage your toys. :P)

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