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Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
AV takes a week or so, depends on the Admins. Just wait, I find it hilarious how some many people want to get into arisoft so quickly when they haven't even bothed searching about a decent gun to get.

I know many people who have been on ASC for over 2 years now without buying a single gun or attending a game till recent, me being one of those people.

Have the thinking that your price range will have $300 or more for a "decent - good" gun. Thats a good starting point.

If you plan on playing in Civis now all the time, maybe re think this again, most players are not fond on civi load clothed players unless it is mislisms or a game with civilians or PMC.

A camo BDU loadout with vest may cost you up to another $200-$300 smackers including a vest, pant and jacket, and assorted pouches.

After all this you can start saving up for sights, scopes, more mags, upgrades, ETC.

The point I'm getting at is don't get into airsoft unless your willing to spend the money.
Just because "most" players don't wear civi's doesn't mean he can't. You don't need all this gear to start playing. All you need is the basics. You'll find plenty of people don't buy all this "gear". Some people like to play, some like to spend their money making an armory. To start playing you'll need at least this:

- Decent Gun (they'll run you about $350-$450 to start)
- Goggles (i'd say get Paintball goggles, if your going to be playing at Paintball fields they require them due to insurance)
- Good boots (you'll need the ankle support)
- Gloves (i'd suggest a pair of gloves, you can get any really. a pair of slim fitting work gloves, biking gloves, something that will protect you getting shot in the hands)
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