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Hello MassPwnage

If you would be so kind as to take sometime to review the websites rules that would be fantastic thank you.

As it stands this community holds firm that airsoft should only be purchased, owned and used by those who are the legal age of majority, which is the age of 18.

If the facility you play at allows minors to play than that is perfectly fine. However on the note of your parent supporting your purchase from retailers, if they wish to sell to you on that circumstance than that is fine. As it stands though your parent or guardian cannot get age verified and purchase from this websites classifieds or any of this websites listed retailers using our verification system on your behalf.

I personally would not waste my hard earned money on any of your above listed choices as none of those items are the greatest when it comes to performance, quality of materials used or quality control. However its your money do with it as you wish.

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