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Originally Posted by MassPwnage View Post
I just read them and it says that if I have an image faking that I am AV then I'm circumventing but I didn't have one so I don't see what I did wrong I was just looking for some opinions and info
this site enforces a 18+ airsoft policy
by admitting your 17 and still going to purchase a airsoft gun with the help of your parents this is circumventing the Age verification system.

the SG552 is the least crappy gun, but the horror stories i've hear of working on the damn things is terrible. honestly wait a year, save up a bit more and you'll find something cheaper better on the classifieds, for sometimes not much more

now because i am who i am and its somewhat expected
Most everyone on this forum will tell you to get “Age verified” and buy from the classifieds.
You cannot import any guns from websites outside of Canada.
Airsoft is a 18+ sport
Sniping is not for newbies
If you are underage please do not try to circumvent the system in place, its there for a reason.
Nobody will help you get a gun if you are not age verified or underage
Do not play in your backyard/forest or anything of the like. Only play on official fields.
Please read the FAQ’s

FAQ's Please read

How To get verified

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